Villanova Recent Scams and Advisories

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 Warning: Scams and Advisories

The Office of Information Security does its best to keep the Villanova community protected and updated on the most recent scams and phishing attacks. 

If you are a victim of a scam please contact UNIT Help Desk

Report any suspicious emails by using the Report Message Button.



Office 365 Log-in

October 2023

Subject:  SUPPORT/ GOODDAY/ Job Opportunity

From: Villanova Student Email Address

The malicious users are impersonating Villanova email addresses with various scams that require you to copy and paste URL's into your browsers. 

Scam Examples:

  • Office 365 log-in scams threatening termination of access if the URL in the email is not verified.
  • Job Opportunities that require you to click on a link for a generous amount per/week compensation. 

To learn about other possible scam themes, visit the Common Scams knowledge based articles for more information

Grand Piano Donation Scams
Employee Benefit Scams

April 2023

Subject:  [EXTERNAL] 2023 Assistance Program Eligibility


Please be aware of an Employee Benefit Scam that has been brought to our attention. The malicious user is enticing the employee to click on a malicious link in order to submit an application to receive monetary assistance.

To learn about other possible scam themes, visit the Common Scams knowledge based articles for more information

Apple Security Updates

March 2023

To address product vulnerabilities, Apple has released multiple security updates. Visit the Computer Security Checklist to learn how you can frequently update your computer and browser settings to protect against malicious users and device compromise.

Text Message Scams

March 2023
Smishing is a type of phishing attack that uses social engineering to get personal information about someone using text messagingWhile a text may seem perfectly normal, it could be from someone with malicious intent, someone who wants to steal your identity, your bank account number, or other sensitive information. Read more about Smishing Scams and how you can protect yourself  from being scammed. 

Professor Impersonations

January 2022

We have seen an increase in emails spoofing Villanova email addresses. Any email with the [EXTERNAL] tag coming from what appears to be a professor’s Villanova email address is NOT legitimate — [EXTERNAL] tag in the subject identifies email sent from outside the University system.

Legitimate work or research opportunities will never include emailed requests for personal information. Any e-mail asking for such data, even if it appears to be from a reputable source, is most likely a phishing attempt.

  • Cease all communications with the sender.

  • Do not reply to the sender through personal email or phone.

  • Do not provide the sender personal or financial information.

  • Report the Phish

Gift Card Scams


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