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 Warning: Scams and Advisories

The Office of Information Security does its best to keep the Villanova community protected and updated on the most recent scams and phishing attacks. 

If you are a victim of a scam please contact UNIT Help Desk

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Geek Squad Scam
Office 365 Log-in
Grand Piano Donation Scams
Employee Benefit Scams

April 2023

Subject:  [EXTERNAL] 2023 Assistance Program Eligibility


Please be aware of an Employee Benefit Scam that has been brought to our attention. The malicious user is enticing the employee to click on a malicious link in order to submit an application to receive monetary assistance.

To learn about other possible scam themes, visit the Common Scams knowledge based articles for more information

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Text Message Scams
Professor Impersonations
Gift Card Scams


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