AEM: Updating Bio Profile Information

Your Villanova bio information is displayed in two places: an AEM bio component on your website staff directory, and within the Bio Tool application.

The Bio Tool Application

The Bio Profile Tool is a web application that dynamically pulls information from the Banner database and was created to ensure a uniform look and feel to all faculty and staff profile pages. Most fields are editable by the individual themselves (these fields have a visible Edit and Save button), however the following are not:

Changes to Your Credential Information

If any default contact information (un-editable fields) is incorrect, such as campus address, phone, and any contact information, then please do one of the following:

Changes to Department Name

If an individual needs to change the name of their department for any reason, a PAF form (Personal Action Form) will need to be filled out and forwarded to HR (Faculty forms will go from Provost to HR).

Changes to Phone Number or Address Information

If an individual needs to change their phone number or address information (building, room, etc), a Help Desk ticket will need to be created for the UNIT – NETCOM group (the Web group cannot make these changes).

Please note: These default/un-editable fields cannot be manually changed as they must be driven by the University offices (HR/Payroll).

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