Ansys Installation

Overview: This document will show you how to install Ansys 18.1 on PC. 

Requirements: Google Chrome, Internet Access, EGR Portal Access. 


Go to and select Ansys 18.1 from the drop down. 


Unzip the file, then select the “Disk 1” Disk Image File.

Go to This PC and double click on the item showing in the disk drive. Right click setup and hit run as administrator

Select Install Ansys products.


Select “I agree” then continue.

The licensing port numbers are set by default. In case it is not set enter the ports as shown in the figure below: ANSYS Licensing Interconnect port number: 2325 ANSYS FlexNet port number: 1055

  Enter the License server details in Host name 1, host name is “EGRLICENSING” then click “Next”.

  Select the features you want to install and click “Next”. Select the Install documentation checkbox if you need the documentation to also be installed

Select the Reader option and click “Next”. In case you want to configure it later hit “Skip this step and configure later”, and then click “Next”.

 Now, mount the second disk “ANSYS_181_WINX64_DISK2.iso”.

 Wait until the installation asks for next drive, and selected the second mounted drive

 Wait while installation completes.


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