Student Access to Registration (Drop/Add) in Nova Now Mobile Application

As of Spring 2024, students who have downloaded the NOVA NOW Villanova University Mobile App will have the ability to access Registration for open registration terms.  They will be able to search the main Course Schedule for any open registration term and add or drop courses according to their programs’ registration schedule.    This was designed in order to allow students to have access to registration to supplement the online registration process in a mobile-friendly experience.  The Nova Now registration process is scaled back from the full registration interface found in myNOVA.   For the full registration experience, students should access Registration Tools from myNOVA.  For example, plans and registration from plans can only be accessed from myNOVA.

When working with students via registration, please make sure to check whether they are using the Nova Now App or if they are logged into myNOVA.

View Instructions to Download the Nova Now Mobile App


Viewing Schedule and Registration from Nova Now App -  Student Persona

Student accesses Nova Now App.  View of Default Home Page.  Click on My Classes to access Schedule and Registration items.  (Note: students can edit their home page so some views might be different than default.)

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My Classes Page

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My Classes

Click here to view previous, current and future schedules.   If the add/drop period is open, students may drop classes from a current or future schedule from this section. See My Classes/Drop Courses section below for demonstration of drop.


Weekly Schedule

Students may view their weekly schedule for a previous, current and future term.



When registration is open for a specified term, the open terms will be displayed in this section.   Click here to register for classes for the open term.   Note: even though registration may be open for a specific term, a student might not be able to register (see Common Registration Errors section)


Student Records


Students may view current holds on their record, some of which might prevent registration.  It is important to clear these holds prior to attempting to register (add or drop courses).


Students may view grades submitted for courses completed.

Personal Information

Students can view their name, address and other personal information on file as well as their curriculum history.  Personal Information can only be updated by accessing myNOVA or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.  Curriculum changes must be approved by the student’s college.


Accessing Registration for an Open Term (Register/Add Courses to Schedule)

Click on the Desired Open Term, showing under the Registration Section

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Students will be taken to registration “Cart” and Main Course Schedule Search options.

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The cart will be empty if no classes have been selected for registration.

If the student knows the CRN (Course Record Number) of the course they wish to register for (add to schedule), they should enter the CRN in the CRN field and click Add to Cart.   Go to Add to Cart Section below.

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If the student wishes to search the course schedule for courses, they should click on Browse Course Schedule.

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Browse Course Schedule

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Enter the search criteria in the Search: box and Click Search or scroll down to access  courses by subject.

The following items can be searched: Subject Description, Course Number, Subject Code, Subject Code and Course Number, Instructor, Title, Keywords, Attribute, Modality.     

The following items cannot be searched in the App, at this time:  Day/Time, Restrictions
To search schedule by these items, access Registration Tools in myNOVA.

Click on the desired course from the results of the search.  This example is a result of searching for Classics (Subject code CLA).  The desired class is CLA 1975-001.

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The Course Information will appear in 3 sections:

1. Course Details

Displays Course Number, Subject, Credit Hours and the course Department.

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2. Class Details

Displays the CRN, Seat capacity, Meeting Dates/Times, Course Dates, Seats Available, Instructor, Course Description, Section Description, Waitlist Capacity (used by Law School courses), Waitlist Actual (Used by Law School courses), Prerequisites, Corequisites. 

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At the bottom of Class Details, there is an option in BLUE to Add Class to Cart,  Click on this to register for the class. 

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3. Restrictions

Any restrictions that could prevent a student's registration for the selected course will appear here.   It is important to review this section ahead of registration to ensure that the student is eligible to register for the course.  If they do not meet the requirements of the restriction, they will receive an error when attempting to add the course to their schedule.  The student would need to obtain an override from the course department in order to successfully register for the course in question.

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Add Class To Cart

Once the desired class is found, Click on Add Class to Cart from the bottom of the Class Details page.

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This is the cart view.   Click Submit Cart to register or search for additional courses to add to the cart. Empty cart will remove the course from the cart and the system will not attempt to register for the course.

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The student will be prompted to enter their registration PIN (which they should have received from their Adviser or Program Director).   Enter the Registration  PIN and click on Verify.  (Note: some programs do not use a PIN and therefore the student will bypass this verification step).

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If the course is successfully added, a confirmation status of Registered (or ‘Waitlisted’ if attempting to add a law course that is full and maintaining a wait list) will appear.  

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Click on Return to Cart to add more courses.   Or click View my Classes to view the schedule.  
Please note that the student is now officially registered for the course. The student will be billed accordingly and is expected to attend.  Only by dropping the course within the drop/add period or obtaining an official withdrawal after the course has begun, will the student be removed from the class.  See MyClasses/Drop Courses section for instructions to drop a course from the Nova Now App.  If the drop period for the specific course has passed, the student will need to submit an Official Withdrawal Request Form (available in myNOVA).


Common Registration Errors:

  1. The Student is not eligible to register for the term because they need to be accepted for admission or readmission.  
  2. The Student is not eligible to register for the term because their appointed registration time/date has not started.  Students should check their registration appointment from the registration tools menu in myNOVA.  If this date has not happened yet, they won’t be able to register.
  3. Student has a hold on their account which prevents registration.
  4. The Course is restricted, and a restriction reason will be given.   The student must select a different course or obtain an override from the course department to be allowed to register for the course.
  5. Student enters an invalid registration PIN.  The student should contact their adviser or program director for a valid PIN each semester.  (Some graduate programs do not use a PIN).


My Classes/Drop Courses

If the drop period for the registered courses has not ended, the student may drop the class from their registration with no charge or academic penalty.  To drop courses from the NOVA NOW app,  access the My Classes section for the desired term (terms selection appears on the top of the page).

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Registered Classes for the Selected Term will Display.

Click on Drop Courses to access the drop options.

The student might be prompted to enter their registration PIN (which they should have received from their Adviser or Program Director).   Enter the PIN and click on Verify.
Note: some programs do not use a pin and the student will bypass this verification.

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Select the course(s) to drop and click Submit.

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If the course is successfully dropped, the course will appear as Dropped or Dropped from Waitlist if the student is removing themself from a Waitlist on a course (Law courses only).

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Click on Return to My Classes to view the updated schedule of Registered Courses. The dropped course has been removed.

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Common Drop Errors:

  1. The student cannot drop the course because the drop period has ended.  Student must request a withdrawal by completing a Course Withdrawal Request form in myNOVA in order to be removed from the course.
  2. The student cannot drop the course because the course has ended and a grade has been submitted, the course has been completed.  Students can obtain a transcript to view course grade or view grade from the Nova Now App in the Student Records section.



All courses added or dropped from the NOVA NOW app will be recorded on the Student’s Record in the Banner Database with the username of ‘NICUSER’ for reporting and audit purposes.  Only the verified student user can add or drop classes to their own schedules from the NOVA NOW app.  Faculty, advisers or other administrative staff cannot add or drop students from classes via the NOVA NOW app.

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