VPN: Log in to the Villanova VPN for Vendors

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All users of the Vendor VPN portal must have sponsorship from a Villanova employee and a Guest Accounts (Courtesy Card).  

1. To connect to the Vendor VPN gateway, navigate to https://vendorvpn.villanova.edu in a web browser and enter your account credentials.


2. Enter your password. If you do not have your password, please go to passwordreset.villanova.edu to obtain a new one.


3. You will then be prompted to multifactor with Duo. Please see your account sponsor if there is any issue with multifactor.

VPN Signed In User Duo Prompt


4. Select Windows 64 download for your operating system.


5. Proceed through the prompts to install GlobalProtect until the following prompt shows that the installation was completed.



6. Search for GlobalProtect or double-click the globe icon in your taskbar. For Portal, enter vendorvpn.villanova.edu and then click Connect.


7. Click “Connect” which will open your browser for authentication.  You will need to authenticate with the same username and password as in the previous step.  Duo will also require you accept a push notification.  If prompted in your browser with the message below, click ‘Choose Application’.


8. Choose GlobalProtect and select “Always use this application…”, then click ‘Open Link’.


10. To confirm that your client is connected, you will see the following in your system tray:


11. Once work is done on the VPN, please disconnect. Open the client, either from your computer or the system tray and click ‘Disconnect’.


12. You will see the following when the client is in the process of disconnecting from the VPN.


13. Once completed, you will see the following.

Visit the VPN: Getting Started article to learn more about Duo. 

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