Scams: Event Ticket Scams

Event ticket scams can come in a variety of forms and protecting yourself from these scams starts with knowing how to tell if a ticket to an event is fake and what to do if it is. Be sure to purchase Villanova University event tickets through the proper university ticket websites. Presently, the university uses:

1) for Athletics and Villanova Theater events only.

2) for all other events, including event registration and event ticket sales from Student Life, University Advancement, President's Office, Schools and Colleges, etc.

Common Ticket Scams To Avoid

As the DoNotPay site describes, the most popular ticket scams to look out for include:

  • Purchasing a ticket that's invalid, and it doesn't work at the venue

  • Paying for a ticket, but the ticket is never sent to you

  • Paying for a certain type of ticket but receiving a ticket that does not match what you paid for

  • Purchasing fast lane passes that are no longer usable by the time you get to the venue

If you were impacted by one of these scams, we recommend reporting the ticket scam.

How To Report Ticket Scams

  • Filing a police report - Contact your local police department or Villanova University Department of Public Safety, discuss the incident in as much detail as possible, and fill out an incident form.
  • Initiating a chargeback - Contact your credit card company or bank (whichever was used in the ticket scam transaction) to file a dispute and request a refund. Filing a dispute can sometimes be as easy as clicking a button on your app. However, you are, more often than not, directed to customer service via phone if you want to see your refund any time soon.
  • Send a demand letter to the merchant involved with the scam - This will require knowing who to send the letter to, where to send it, and what to say.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Tickets

We highly encourage all event tickets be purchased through Villanova Wildcats Athletic Tickets, Villanova Theatre Tickets, John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts Event Tickets, or other Villanova University event tickets through the proper university tickets website at: safest way to purchase event tickets is to go directly through the venue, either in person or through their official website. Sites such as BallParks or CloseSeats are not approved or affiliated with the university for selling tickets to university events.

Visit these additional resources for more helpful tips on How to Protect Yourself from Scams and How to Avoid Buying Fake Tickets.


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