Tips: March Malware Madness

Malicious users want to steal your Data and your $$!

The number of phishing emails designed to fool you into submitting teams at the last minute increases drastically during March Madness. These emails may ask if you want to give your best guesses and may offer supposed freebies in exchange. Or they might say something like ‘your bracket has changed'.

Beware of malicious links, ads, and apps. 

  • If it sounds too good to be most likely is!

Double-check links before clicking. Report the Phish!

  • Hover your mouse over the link to display the full address.

Lookout for misspellings.

  • Ex: did you catch the extra N right away?

Verify the authenticity of all requests for personal information before responding.

Live-stream games from reputable sites only.

Even if you’re not doing an online bracket, malicious users could still try to bait you as you try to watch matches.


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