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If you are using a non-Villanova issued device which uses a username tied to another organization (username@otherdomain.org), you may have difficulty authenticating to GlobalProtect VPN; it may try to use your non-Villanova account to sign-in automatically.  When this happens you will not receive a prompt to login with your username and password and you may see an error message like the one below:

If you have this experience while logging into GlobalProtect VPN, you may need to add an additional profile in your Edge browser.  The steps outlined in this KB article will create this profile and associate your Villanova user account with the profile.  After running through these steps, your device should prompt you to select the account you want to authenticate with when you connect to VPN.  When this happens, choosing your Villanova account should allow you to successfully authenticate and connect.


  1. Launch Microsoft Edge

  2. Select the three dots (top right) or use the keyboard shortcut ‘Alt+F’. Select “Settings”

  3. Select “Profiles” (left-hand panel) and click “Add profile” (top-right)

  4. Click “Add” on the corresponding panel

  5. This will open a new browser window.  Again, click the three dots and navigate to settings (see step 2)

  6. Navigate to “Profiles” on the left-hand panel (Step 3). 
  7. You should now see a new profile with a “Choose an account” drop-down, select “Add new account” and “Sign in to sync data”.

  8. Enter your Villanova email address and password and follow the steps through the MFA prompts.

  9. Click “OK” after authenticating to use this profile for other apps

  10. Now when trying to connect to https://vendorvpn.villanova.edu in a browser or from within the GlobalProtect app, you should be prompted to select a profile with your Villanova account as an option.
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