Duo: How to Enroll in Duo

How to Enroll in Duo

The Duo enrollment process is self-service and takes less than three minutes to complete.

Instructions on how to self-enroll in Duo are below; you can also view our 45-second video of the enrollment process.

Duo enrollment is recommended to be used with a smart device (mobile phone or tablet) for enhanced security and ease of use. Additional options exist to add a landline as well.

Step 1: Visit http://villanova.edu/enrollduo to enroll in Duo and manage your Duo enabled devices. Please ensure you are on the Villanova network or you have a device actively enrolled in Duo with you.

Step 2: Enter your userid@villanova.edu (jdoe1@villanova, not (jane.doe@villanova.edu) and your password. The following page will appear: