Duo: How to Enroll in Duo

The Duo enrollment process is self-service and takes less than three minutes to complete.

Duo enrollment is recommended to be used with a smart device (mobile phone or tablet) for enhanced security and ease of use. Additional options exist to add a landline as well.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Go to https://outlook.villanova.edu or MyNova to initiate the Duo prompt in order to enroll your devices. Please ensure you are on the Villanova network.
  2. Follow the prompts provided to start the enrollment process by selecting Next.
  3. Select an option to authenticate using a Push, Call, or Text.

  4. Enter your new phone number and select continue. Then verify the number is correct.

  5. Confirm by sending a passcode to your device. Enter the passcode and select verify.

  6. Ensure the Duo Mobile Application is installed on your new device and select Next.

  7. Open the Duo Mobile Application on your phone/tablet then select "+Add" on the right-side of the application. Open the camera and scan the QR Code.

  8. Confirm that Duo as been added to your device and select Continue. 

  9. Setup is complete. Log in with Duo.

To learn more about Duo, please view our other Knowledge Base Articles.

Other questions or concerns? Please contact the UNIT Service Desk or (USA area code +1) 610-519-7777.


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