Duo: How to Reactivate Duo

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How to Reactivate Duo (New Device, Same Phone Number)

The following process outlines how to reactivate Duo Mobile on a new device. This article assumes you transferred your existing phone number (which is enrolled in Duo) to your new device.

  1. Visit http://villanova.edu/enrollduo. Please ensure you have your new device ready

  2. Enter your [userid]@villanova.edu (jdoe1@villanova.edu, not jane.doe@villanova.edu) and your password. The following page will appear:

  3. Authenticate using a Call or Text (NOT Duo Push). After authentication, select My Settings & Devices on the left-side panel.

  4. Select Device Options next to your old device. This device should show the phone number that your new device will use.

  5. On the next screen, select Reactivate Duo Mobile

  6. Ensure the DUO Mobile Application is installed on your new device and select I have DUO Mobile installed.

  7. On your new device, open the DUO Mobile Application and select +Add on the right-side of the application. Open the camera and scan the QR Code showed on the Self-Service portal