Duo: How to Manage Your Devices

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Manage Duo on your device (New Device, Different Phone Number, etc.)

The following process outlines how to reactivate Duo Mobile on a new device. This article assumes you transferred your existing phone number (which is enrolled in Duo) to your new device.

Step 1: Open a private or Incognito browser, go to https://outlook.villanova.edu or MyNova to initiate the Duo prompt in order to manage your devices.

Step 2: Once prompted, select Other options to manage options. 

Step 3: Select the other option preference from the list below. 

Step 4: Verify your identity before managing device. Select from the prompts below. 

Step 5: Check for a Duo Push and Verify. 


Step 6: After approving a Duo authentication request, you can see all your registered devices in the device management portal.

Step 7: Select Get Started to move through the next set of prompts to connect to Duo.

Step 8: Select an option and proceed through prompts.



To learn more about DUO, please view our other Knowledge Base Articles.

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