Zoom: How to Customize Zoom AI Companion Features on your Zoom Account

What to know before getting started with Zoom AI Companion (Note: Currently, Zoom AI Companion is available to only Faculty and Staff)​​​: 

  • Meeting Host is in Control: Zoom AI Companion works only when the meeting host enables Zoom AI Companion on their Zoom account AND turns on the specific Zoom AI Companion feature during their Zoom meeting. Meeting attendees cannot independently turn on Zoom AI Companion in a meeting, but, depending your Zoom AI settings, they can request that you turn it on. Finally, you can enable and turn on Zoom AI Companion only on Villanova Zoom meetings that you host.
  • Enable the Zoom AI feature you want: Since Zoom AI Companion has a variety of features (e.g. Meeting Summary, In-Meeting Questions, Whiteboard Content Generation, Smart Recording, etc.), the meeting host will need to enable the specific feature they want available during the Zoom meeting.  
  • You will know when Zoom AI is running: How do meeting hosts and attendees will know when a Zoom AI Companion is running in a meeting?
    • A pop-up window appears stating that "AI Companion" is on.
      • Screenshot of Zoom AI Companion pop-up message
    • In the upper left corner of the Zoom window, the AI Companion's star icon will be visible.
      • Zoom AI Companion Symbol

How to customize additional Zoom AI Companion features on your Zoom Account:

  1. Log in to your Villanova Zoom Account at https://villanova.zoom.us.
  2. Click on “Settings,” then click “AI Companion.” 

Red Arrow points to Settings and Red Arrow points to AI Companion

        3.  Enable any additional Zoom AI Companion features. There are additional settings within each feature that you can customize.

For a complete explanation on how to enable each feature and what settings you can customize, please visit the links below: 

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