Zoom: AI Companion Features Overview

Zoom AI Companion currently consists of the following features (Note: Currently, Zoom AI Companion is available to only Faculty and Staff):

  • Meeting Summary 
    • What it does: Generates a summary and next steps of what was discussed in your meetings and shares through email. 
    • How to use it: Using Meeting Summary 
  • In-Meeting Questions 
    • What it does: Quickly catches you up and gets clarity on what you missed during a meeting without interrupting it.
    • How to use it: Using In-Meeting Questions 
  • Whiteboard Content Generation 
  • Smart Recording  
    • What it does: Reviews cloud recordings faster through highlights, smart chapters, summaries, next steps, and gathers analytics on key meeting and conversation factors.  
    • Because it requires access to cloud recording, Smart Recording is available to faculty only. 
    • How to use it: Using Smart Recording 

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