Duo: Using Duo Internationally

Duo offers multiple options to meet your needs when traveling. You may be able to use the Duo two-factor authentication option already installed on your phone to log in to two-factor protected systems while traveling. Depending on your travel plans, however, you may prefer to use a better-suited, alternative option.

Before your trip, determine which Duo options will best meet your needs and, if necessary, enroll your devices. See How to Travel With Duo for descriptions of the options that are best for different travel scenarios.

Consider using Passcodes

If you will not have access to your phone, or will be without reliable cellular service or a WiFi connection while traveling, plan to use passcodes. 

Duo Push

Duo Push

If you do have cellular service or a WiFi connection, simply use whatever authentication technique you normally use. Duo push is recommended as the primary option. You may also use the Duo Passcode, text message or phone call that all work overseas if your cell phone carrier plan supports international text messages and phone calls. You can even add an international phone number as one of your authentication options.

Duo Passcode

When cellular service is disabled or you have no WiFi connection, you may use the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode for authentication. Simply choose the Enter a Passcode option when you get the Duo authentication prompt. To generate the passcode, open the Duo Mobile app on your phone and tap "show" to display the passcode.

Duo Text

Text Message

While a cell phone connection is required, text messages can often still be transmitted through spotty data coverage. If you choose this option, Duo will send a set of 10 single-use passcodes in one text message. These passcodes remain active for up to 30 days.

Add a Device for Traveling

If you purchase a phone for use abroad, it is highly recommended that you enroll that device in Duo and use it for two-factor authentication while traveling.

  • Enroll the device ahead of time. To enroll your new device, you'll be required to use the Duo authentication method already associated with your account, so it is best to do that before your trip if at all possible. Once enrolled, you can update the preferred authentication method for your new device.

  • Use what works. If you plan to travel with a basic, non-smart phone, you can authenticate using a phone call or passcodes sent via text message. Alternatively, you can install the Duo Mobile app on a tablet without a phone number.

Please work with your individual wireless carrier to ensure all travel plans are in place before going abroad.

Visit the Cybersecurity for the International Traveler Knowledge Base article for more tips while traveling abroard.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the UNIT Help Desk or (USA area code +1) 610-519-7777.

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