Duo: How to Travel With Duo

Ahead of traveling, plan ahead  and enroll in additional Duo options if needed before your trip. For example:

  • No cellular or WiFi service? Use the Duo Mobile app to generate passcodes.

  • Wireless Plans? Check with your cellular provider to verify that your phone is operable overseas.

  • Do you use multiple SIM cards? Enroll the phone number associated with each one in Duo.

Duo Option

App Notification

App Passcodes

Text Passcodes

Phone Call



Duo sends a login request to your device.
Press Approve to log in.

Generate a passcode with the Duo app

Get 10 single-use passcodes via text message.
good for 30 days

Duo calls your phone. Press any key.

Type of Device

Smartphone, tablet, or paired smartwatch

Smartphone, tablet, or paired Apple Watch

Phone with text message

All phones

Data Usage

Each notification is only 2KB of data

No connectivity needed

A single text message.

A single phone call

Requires Connection

Yes: cellular data or WiFi


Yes: cellular

Yes: cellular or landline


More information regarding Duo offline access can be found here

Questions or concerns? Please contact the UNIT Help Desk or (USA area code +1) 610-519-7777.

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