Duo: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Passwords are becoming increasingly easy to compromise.  They can often be hacked, guessed or stolen, which gives malicious actors access to sensitive information. Duo two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your account to make sure that it stays safe, even if someone else knows your password, by using your phone or other device to verify your identity. You will be alerted right away (on your phone - mobile or landline - or tablet) if someone tries to log in using your password. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your accounts.

2. What data is stored by Duo?

The only data that Duo stores for a user is the subscriber's primary username (UML email address) and information about your second factor, such as a phone number (if using a phone for the service).

3. What does the Duo Mobile app access on my phone?

It does not access your other apps or other data on your phone; it uses some base functionality of the phone and a certificate that identifies your phone to ensure accurate identification.

The Duo Mobile app will request access to the camera when activating the app (when using the QR barcode), but this is the only time that the camera will be activated by Duo Mobile. Under no circumstance does Duo Mobile activate devices such as microphone or GPS.

4. How Do I Get Duo?

Duo's self-enrollment process makes it easy to register your phone or tablet and install the application on your device. If you are not enrolled in Duo, you will be presented with the following screen when accessing an application or website that is protected by Duo.

To begin the enrollment process, please see the following Self Enrollment documentation. Additional information can be found on the Duo website for device-specific enrollment instructions. If there are any other issues, please contact the Service Desk at 610-519-7777 or support.villanova.edu.

For CyberSecurity Awareness Month, UNIT will be asking for enrollment from Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students into Duo.  Once enrolled, you can verify your setup in MyNova by choosing Duo.  

Once enrolled, you can download the app for your smartphone for iOS and Android to request a push notice and you can also permit a Passcode text or phone call. 

5. Remember Me Feature

For convience, you can choose the option to have Duo prompt you every 30 days.

6. No Mobile Phone?

You can also use a landline or a tablet. Duo allows you to link multiple devices to your account, so you can use your mobile phone, a landline, tablet, or any smart device that can download Duo Mobile.

7. Poor Cell Signal or No Internet?

You can generate a passcode in the Duo Mobile app even when your device is offline. A passcode in Duo Mobile can be generated anywhere, even in places where your device doesn't have an internet connection or cell service. Learn more about iOS and Android passcodes in Duo Mobile.

8. Lost Or Broken Phone?

To add a new device to Duo, please reference the device guide to re-enroll. If there are any other issues, please contact the Help Desk at 610-519-7777 or support.villanova.edu.

9. New Phone?

To add a new device to Duo, please reference the Adding a new device guide to re-enroll. If there are any other issues, please contact the Help Desk at 610-519-7777 or support.villanova.edu.

10. Traveling Internationally?

You can use Duo while traveling internationally.  If you have a wifi connection, you can receive a Duo push or use the passcode feature.  If you believe the country is considered to be high risk, please contact the TechZone to verify and get permission. Please see Using Duo Internationally for more information.

11. Unexpected Login Prompt?

If you get prompted to approve a login, but you're not signing in, we advise you excercise caution and assume someone is trying to access your account. Choose "Deny" in the Duo app to block the request and contact the Service Desk at 610-519-7777 or support@villanova.edu.

12. Locked Out Message?

Your account will lock when there are too many failed attempts to authenticate. You will see the following notification in a red bar at the bottom of the prompt: "Your account has been locked out due to excessive authentication failures. Please contact your administrator."

Should this occur, please contact the Service Desk at 610-519-7777 or at support@villanova.edu for assistance.

13. What operating systems is Duo supported on?

UNIT provides support for Duo two-factor authentication only on currently managed and supported operating systems in our environment. Duo software is available for the following Android and iOS operating systems. To comply with our policies, if an operating system is no longer supported by the vendor such as Microsoft or Apple, and/or security updates and enhancements are not made available from the vendor, UNIT will also no longer support the Duo two-factor authentication solution on this operating system.  

14. What is Villanova University's standard for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?

The Office of Information Security requires that all applications that require authentication for access, or applications that are Internet accessible and storing, transmitting or processing data that classified as Restricted or Private be protected behind MFA. Presently, Villanova University's MFA solution is Duo. For ease with enabling MFA for your application or service, UNIT provides assistance with integration with our Single Sign On (SSO) authentication services that not only provide the benefit of enabling MFA for your application or service, but also provide users the ability to securely access the application or service using their existing Villanova Account.  

Visit the Duo: Getting Started article to learn more about Duo. 

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