Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Employee Onboarding

This bundled service request (Employee Onboarding (Full time) Request from the right-hand menu) will cover the many technology facets of employee onboarding and should be completed by the new employee's supervisor at least 5 business days before their start date. Please be prepared to address and request items related to the following topics.

  1. Access requests to enterprise applications:
    • Banner
    • Salesforce
    • Cognos
    • Argos
    • Softdocs
    • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  2. Computer hardware (full time employees only) laptop or desktop, docking station for laptop
    • Additional peripheral items that are outside of this scope will be funded and purchased by the employee's department through NovaBuy, preferably the Dell Premiere portal when possible. Examples include monitors, keyboard and mouse (unless included with desktop), and web cameras. 
  3. Wildcard access 
  4. Telephone needs
    • phone hardware (new or existing)
    • extension (new or existing)

Employee Offboarding

This bundled service request (Submit Employee Offboarding Request from the right-hand menu) will cover several facets of employee offboarding and should be completed by the departing employee's supervisor or an authorized department administrator at least 48 hours prior to their official job end date. There are several offboarding options available which are described in detail in UNITs Standard: Granting Access to a User's Villanova Account and Related Data KB Article. In addition to these options, UNIT will be in contact with the requestor regarding the pickup of the departing employee's hardware. 

Employee Onboarding (Full time) Request


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